Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Patients With Dental Phobia


People shy away from visiting a dental clinic because of the pain experienced when a dentist is treating your teeth. Commonly known as dental phobia, some people are afraid of visiting a dentist because dental equipment consists of scary looking knives and scissors. They also think that it will be a painful experience. In most cases, we visit a dentist because of a toothache, which is always very painful. When you get to the dental clinic, the first thing that a dentist will do is get rid of the pain. That is where Sedation dentistry comes in. The process of sedation is very important in a clinic because it ensures that a patient is relaxed and not anxious when being treated.

Sedation dentistry Topeka KS is a solution to dental phobia for Topeka KS citizens. It also ensures that patients are comfortable and safe to treat their dental problems. Dental phobia makes people avoid dental care and as a result, they do not give their teeth the attention they deserve. Sedation dentistry includes the use of sedatives such as tranquillizers, nitrous oxide and other anti-anxiety medication.

Formerly, anesthetic injections, which consisted of injection of anesthetics in the mouth was used to numb the pain on the gum tissue. Some dentists still use this technique together after administering sedatives depending on the dental procedure performed on the patient. The common way of using sedatives is injecting them into the veins of the patient through the arm. This procedure is very effective and safe but care must be taken to ensure that a qualified dentist administers the sedative in case a patient requires emergency treatment. Nowadays, Sedation dentistry in Topeka KS includes procedures such as inhalation of sedatives such as nitrous oxide for patients who do not like needles and also oral sedation for those who have serious dental phobia.

Benefits of Sedation dentistry include:

  • Protection of teeth and gums: The pain that we experience during a toothache or an accident can make out teeth and gums suffer from trauma. Sedatives guard our teeth from this pain.

  • Saves time and money: Some dental procedures such as orthodontic treatments and veneers are very painful that most dentists usually advice multiple visits before the procedures are complete. Sedatives have made work easier because pain is not an issue. A dentist can perform these procedures for hours without the patient’s awareness because they are asleep.

Patients usually have a choice as to the Sedation dentistry procedure that they prefer. Whatever your preference, you need to have a friend or loved one to accompany you to the dentist and drive you home because of the sedatives that you will have taken. They should also keep you company for a few hours to ensure that you are okay.

Sedation Dentistry Topeka KS – Sedation dentistry in Topeka KS has brought a revolution in the field of medicine because it has enabled people who suffer from dental phobia overcome it. For more information on its benefits visit.

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