Alloy or Steel Wheels: Which Are Better?

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Automotive

Are you thinking of investing in alloy wheels in Leighton Buzzard? While they do have their advantages, they also have a few disadvantages that you should be aware of. There are two options when it comes to choosing new wheels. You can either opt for alloy or steel. Below you’ll find the main differences between the two.

Understanding steel wheels

If your car has had alloy wheels and you’re now thinking of changing to steel, you may want to reconsider. Steel wheels are heavier than alloys, which means they could end up making your car drive a little like a tank. They will affect agility and the acceleration of your car. This may be a disadvantage in summer, but in winter it could actually prove useful. The heavier wheels will find it easier to grip the snow.

Another advantage to steel wheels is the fact they are built stronger than Alloys. This means they will last a lot longer. However, in terms of performance, they do tend to be at a disadvantage.

Understanding alloy wheels

Most cars these days are fitted with alloy wheels. When looking at alloy wheel repair in Leighton Buzzard has quite a large selection available. The main advantage over steel wheels that they have is the fact they can be worked and cast into many different styles. This means your car can achieve a more customised look. They do look better cosmetically and they’ll help to make the car easier to control.

The only real disadvantage you should be aware of is the fact they can bend easier than a steel wheel. If they are bent a little too far they will crack. Each alloy is different. It will depend upon how much nickel has been used to create the wheel. If there is less nickel used the wheel will ultimately be softer and more likely to bend. More nickel will help to create a harder wheel that is more brittle.

With this in mind, if you want to invest in alloy wheels, you’ll need to ensure you’re choosing high quality ones. To do this you’ll need to use the services of a professional car body shop. It’s easy to find alloy wheels in Leighton Buzzard, just make sure you choose a reliable, high quality garage.

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