Air duct cleaning is important


The air ducts in a home are one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things; it is easy to forget that keeping them clean is important. Air duct cleaning Austin TX has health advantages for sure and clean ducts may also contribute to lower energy bills and increase the life of your heating and air conditioning system.

Indoor air quality:

If you find that flat surfaces in your home are dusty a day after your cleaning services have been in, this is a good indication that the ducts are the source of the dust. Dusty surfaces are the visible sign that the air quality in your home is not what it should be. Homes today use highly efficient doors and windows that tend to seal the house which in turn reduces air transfer from the inside to the outside. Of course, a tight house is very effective when it comes to managing the cost of energy but pollutants that do enter the house by other means tend to stay inside rather than leak out through poorly constructed windows.

Cleaning the air ducts:

Air duct cleaning Austin TX is a specialty business that uses specialty equipment. There are two ways to go about cleaning the ducts in your home; they both use suction. One way is to connect a device that provides suction throughout the ducting system; the dust is loosened by high pressure air which is introduced through the registers. The section method uses a specialized vacuum cleaner fitted with brushes, it is run through the ducts, removing the built up dust and debris. Both systems are very effective.

As well as the ducting, the technicians will clean the registers as well as the blower fan and the coils of the air conditioning system. Once the system has been properly cleaned the ducts are fogged to ensure that any remaining bacteria and dust mites are eliminated.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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