3 Tips for Framing Your Artwork


Since the dawn of time, the walls of teenagers’ bedrooms have been papered with posters of their favorite musicians. If you own a home with blank walls, it’s time to ditch the double-sided tape for something a little more grown-up. Frames make your wall adornments look more polished and provide unity throughout your home. If you have some loose artwork or photos that you’d like to hang up one day, here are some tips to help you choose the right frame.

1. Consider what goes inside the frame

You can’t go wrong with a neutral frame in white, black, or natural wood. If the artwork has a lot of white space, it could look nice in a more elaborate frame with decorative molding. Oversized photographs, which have become a decorating trend in recent years, almost always look best with a sleek, simple frame. When in doubt, ask yourself if the frame distracts the eye. Ideally, it should enhance and highlight without distracting at all.

2. Know when to mat

Much like frames, mats exist to direct focus to the artwork itself. Delicate artwork like watercolors and pastel drawings can be enhanced with a simple white or off-white mat. Painted canvases and photographs, which typically have no blank spaces, usually look better without a mat. You can also use a mat in a coordinating or complementary color to the artwork, which can help it stand out even more. If you’re unsure, a shop handling custom framing in Los Angeles can recommend the best mat to go with your frame and artwork.

3. Go to a professional

…especially if you are trying to frame something sentimental, like wedding photos or an heirloom quilt. Custom framing in Los Angeles is more expensive than the DIY approach, but you’ll likely get your money’s worth in expert advice, materials, and the quality of the finished product. A professional can frame your artwork without damaging it, and that artwork is more likely to last once you take it home.

Are you ready to finally tackle that stack of artwork you’ve been waiting to hang? The friendly experts at Frame 2000 can help. Visit our website for more information about framing, hanging, and interior decor.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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