3 Reasons to Choose a Cast Stone Mantel During Fireplace Construction in Salt Lake City, UT


Utah homeowners who enjoy a classic decorating style often opt for stone fireplaces. Many budget-conscious buyers opt for cast stone mantels during Fireplace Construction in Salt Lake City UT. Cast stone is a synthetic type of masonry that combines Portland cement, sand, water, pieces of granite, crushed stone, marbles, and blast-furnace slag. Craftsmen such as Stone Mountain Castings & Design pour material into molds that can be cut into custom shapes. Cast stone is beautiful, safe, lightweight, and increases home values as soon as it is installed.

Cast Stone Adds Instance Elegance

Despite the fact that cast stone is lighter and less expensive than carved stone, it provides the same beauty. Technicians can create custom projects that replicate the highest-priced carved materials. Finished mantels are indistinguishable from popular materials like sandstone, granite, and travertine. As soon as professionals add mantels during Fireplace Construction in Salt Lake City UT, rooms appear more elegant.

Suppliers Offer a Range of Designs

Homeowners also choose cast stone mantels because artisans can create them to suit any taste. Casting and design specialists generally provide online galleries as well as showrooms. Clients are offered styles ranging from simple, sleek models to classic mantels that are highly embellished. Homeowners may order custom colors and sizes. They can select from a range of depths, to ensure mantels fit their fireplaces. Homeowners are offered a choice of edging that includes beveled, OG, or half-round styles. Many homeowners order replicas of original historic mantels that were damaged beyond repair.

Durable Stone Mantels Increase Home Values

Many clients replace original wood mantels with cast stone models because they increase property values. Stone mantels are also safer, more beautiful, and longer lasting than wood. Stone will not splinter and is not a fire hazard. Installing a custom mantel can make a home easier to sell, especially if the mantel matches an elegant stone fireplace. House hunters love the beauty and easy maintenance of stone and a classic working fireplace often makes or breaks a sale.

Cast stone fireplace mantels are popular because they increase home beauty, safety, and values. Homeowners can order custom stone mantels in colors, styles, and sizes to fit any taste. They are durable, last for decades and are easy to maintain.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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