3 Reasons Well-Executed SEO is Important


They say that times have changed, and they are right. The marketing industry is among those that have been disrupted by the rapid introduction of the latest technology and software. The value of search engine optimization has increased and evolved, so if you need your digital assets optimized for the search engines, hiring the services of SEO companies in Chicago is recommended.

Here are three reasons why well-executed SEO is important.

Bad SEO Gets Penalized

The search engines are continually changing the ranking algorithms to prevent gaming by individuals and companies. If your digital assets are not optimized for the search engines, you will not see a gain or loss in your rankings, but you will not be ranked high, either. If there is an attempt to optimize your digital assets and it is not executed correctly, your assets will be penalized and dropped down in the ranks. This is simply because the algorithms cannot tell the difference between a mistake and a deliberate attempt to game the system.

SEO is a Marketing Tool

SEO has evolved into a marketing tool. When your website, social media and other digital assets are optimized for the search engines, you are giving your clients and potential customers the opportunity to find you based on specific keywords. For some professionals, an online marketing plan begins with SEO and grows out from there.

SEO Elements

SEO is made up of several elements. Most recently, content has become a key SEO element. Relevant content is written and shared online that includes keywords geared toward a company’s core products and services. Linking and business listing submissions are two more elements.

For optimal online visibility, properly executed SEO is a must. SEO companies in Chicago like EM Search Consulting, LLC are well-versed in what it takes to create a successful campaign.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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