B2B Marketing trends during Covid-19

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Marketing, Marketing Agency

Business and marketing plans drawn up at the beginning of 2020 are likely to no longer be relevant as the world copes with the Covid-19 pandemic. B2B companies need to change what they are selling and how they are selling it in order to adjust to the new societal and economic conditions that the crisis has wrought.

Covid-19 has definitely given the B2B industry a shock, but the good news is that such massive disruptions can actually offer plenty of opportunities for innovation.

The current crisis has been different because it touches areas of the business that B2B marketing often did not address. B2B marketers need to ask themselves what messages the crisis is sending to stakeholders and customers and what their own behavior is saying.

One of the major B2B marketing trends that have been taking place during the Covid-19 crisis has been the realization of what a great time this is to transform and become more intentional with that marketing.

Many B2B firms are making use of this time in order to make assessments of customer data and reevaluate target account lists to make sure they are not focusing on businesses and industries that are currently experiencing serious difficulties.

Another B2B marketing trend during Covid-19 has been the replacement of live events with digital events.

The crisis has forced B2B marketers to find replacements for traditional trade shows and conferences and using technology to create digital events has been the answer for many, providing an alternative method of providing information and the opportunity for peer networking and the creation of lasting relationships. Visit for more information!

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