Your Initial Consultation with an Accident Attorney in Kent-What to Bring With You

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Personal Injury

Although cars have become safer over the years, serious accidents continue to occur and people are often greatly injured as a result of these accidents. If you find yourself in this situation and are dealing with lost wages, high medical bills and more, hire an Accident Attorney Kent to assist you in dealing with the insurance companies and legal system. A. Robert E. Thomson Law Office understands the process and helps victims get the compensation they deserve in this difficult time. Before meeting with your attorney for the first time, you need to gather some information as this makes it easier for the attorney to prepare your case. What should you bring to this meeting?

Bring any information you have concerning the accident itself. This includes the date and time of the accident and the exact location of the accident. Be prepared to describe weather and road conditions as they may have played a role in the accident and have information on any cars and people involved and any witnesses to the accident. Write down exactly what happened and which, if any, first responders came to the scene. Bring traffic citations you received, if any, and check to see if film or photographs were taken of the accident as all will help the attorney prepare your case.

Your attorney needs access to medical records resulting from the accident. When possible, bring your medical records, x-rays and test results to the meeting. If you are unable to obtain these records, bring a signed document stating that you give permission to the attorney to access this information. He or she may also have this document for you to sign to make the process easier. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms, your diagnosis and how your everyday life has been affected. One thing people often forget to include at this stage is any doctors that were seen who provided referrals to other medical personnel. Make sure you have this information ready.

Other information to bring to the meeting concerns time missed from work and lost wages. You’ll also need to give the attorney information about your driver’s license, vehicle insurance and driving record as the other party may try to use anything negative against you. The same is true of your past criminal history. Be honest and forthcoming at all times as this helps your attorney to prepare the best case possible.

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