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Ear piercings are probably one of the most popular “body modifications” in the world, from childhood to adulthood. It is tradition in many countries, such as India, to pierce the ears of a baby girl before she is one year old. Usually, it is the lobe that is pierced, sometimes in more than one place. However, there are many other areas of the ears that can be and are pierced, such as the rook area and the tragus, as well as the helix and the industrial. The Industrial is a bar which goes from the very inside top of the ear to the outer edge, held by the long bar.

Components of Earrings

Most modern earrings are made from some kind of metal, such as gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel. Styles can vary and many earrings contain additional components like precious gems and stones, or beads. Different kinds of earrings serve different types of function. For instance, when you first get your ear pierced you will notice that you have what is known as a “stud” earring in it. The stud earrings are simple push-through earrings that are fired from a stud gun into the ear to create the piercing. The stud should be twisted every day, and cleaned with the proper solution to keep it from getting infected. The stud should also be left in until the skin heals, which is usually about six to eight weeks and after that you can change the earring for a different kind. Other choices are dangly earrings, hoop earrings—otherwise known as sleepers—are circular and can vary in size and thickness. Another popular type of earring is the slave earring—otherwise known as the Bajoran earring from the TV show Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Making the Hole Bigger

Many people like to stretch their piercing holes by sizing them up a little every few weeks to finally create a large hole through the lobe. The stretching process begins with the use of a flesh tunnel, which has different “gauge” levels, rising from 4mm up to and over 24 mm. This process doesn’t require ear piercings jewelry, but jewelry can be used when the flesh tunnel is not being worn. The tunnel is merely the “invisible” stretching tool to help the hole grow.

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