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Employers are required to carry a workers’ compensation plan for a good reason. Whenever employees suffer from an injury due to an accident in the workplace, the employer has the means to offer that employee lost wages, reimbursement for some of the medical expenses and other support. However, getting access to those benefits can often turn into a legal struggle that adds stress to an already frustrating situation. If you have been injured at work one of the first steps you may want to take is to get the assistance of a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta.

Workers Compensation Attorney Atlanta

Workers Compensation Attorney Atlanta

As soon as you have suffered from an injury at work, you need to let your employer know about the accident. There will be important paperwork for you to complete. You will have the opportunity there to detail how the accident/injury happened and the extent of your injuries. You will want to begin filling out the paperwork as soon as you receive the injury and complete the paperwork after you have received information and verification from the doctors and hospitals where you have received medical attention.

It may be important at this point in the process that you contact a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta. The information that you provide, the timeliness of providing the right information and the manner in which you give that information will affect the amount of your insurance benefits. The attorney can review the information you have provided and help you to be sure that you have followed the procedures correctly.

After you notify the employer, you should visit with a doctor. If the injuries you have received constitute an emergency, you should get medical help first and then get the paperwork from your employer. It can be very helpful if you take the workers’ compensation forms with you to any of your medical appointments. This will give you the opportunity to ask your doctor firsthand for relevant answers to the questions in the paperwork.

Finally, be sure that your paperwork is complete. Be as thorough as you can in describing the accident or how the injury occurred. The information on the forms will help you to receive compensation, so the work that you put into the paperwork will be well worth the effort.

In many cases, the employer or the insurance company will want to diminish the extent of your injuries or to provide less coverage than you need to pay for your associated bills. In these cases, the assistance of a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta will be necessary. The attorney has knowledge and familiarity concerning worker compensation claims and laws and will be able to represent your interests in obtaining the funds that you need.

A workers compensation attorney in Atlanta will work with you to be sure that the resources you need to make a full recovery are available. With the guidance and representation provided by a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta you will have the support you need.

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