Women’s Hair Loss and Hair Extensions in Phoenix


With men, hair loss is a common issue. There are many treatments and options that assist a man with this problem. Although a little less common, women can suffer from hair loss, as well. However, a man who is balding is much more acceptable that a women. Thinning hair on a woman can be very detrimental to her self image. This can cause avoidance of social interactions. It can create low self esteem and isolation. There are options to help. Hair Extensions in Phoenix can be a means to thicken and create beautiful hair.

Although less prevalent, women can be subject to many types of hair loss. Genetics and heredity can be one reason for thinning hair. It may be called male pattern baldness, but, women can have it also. Hormone changes, especially in pregnancy and menopause, can cause hair to thin out. Sometimes these can be temporary or helped by hormone replacement. However, the thinned hair takes a long time to grow back. Another issue that may cause thinning hair in women is over treating the hair. Chemicals and products used to color, curl, and style hair can cause serious damage. This can promote hair loss in many women. Anyone or a combination of these problems can cause serious hair loss issues.

An option for this problem can be Hair Extensions in Phoenix. The added hair can give women a beautiful and full head of hair. It can be colored and cut to match their natural hair. With proper placement, the extensions can be virtually unnoticeable. This can give a woman the confidence to go out into the world without fear of someone noticing her thinning hair. However, some processes to add extensions can damage the real hair. This can be counterproductive to hair replacement. However, there are facilities that offer a safer option.

Donte’s of New York offers many options for thinning hair. Their no damage hair extensions can be a great option to thicken and add fullness to hair. Their method for application uses no glue or braids that can damage existing hair. They also offer full salon services, as well. This lets the customer not only get more hair, but, also lets them have it styled and cut to their specification. This can give her the confidence to get back into the world.



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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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