Women-Owned Minneapolis Service Offers Health Training in Multiple Areas


Members of your organization will benefit from knowledge learned from the nurse consultants through DISCUS Minneapolis. The training you will receive has been accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA) and is used by a wide variety of healthcare providers in medical settings across the healthcare board.

Who Can Receive Training

DISCUS Minneapolis offers training to caregivers and other workers in assisted living facilities, mental health facilities and any group whose employees are required to have the training given by DISCUS Minneapolis. Training can be obtained at your work location or at the American Heart Association office in Minneapolis. Many of the classes are currently done virtually.

Types of Training through Workshops and Classes

The counseling service adjusts its training to what is needed by your employees and the services you provide. Basic CPR, First Aid and AED classes are useful to any group of individuals, but many of the workshops and classes focus on a particular area of need.

Most of the workshops are mental health related. Mental illnesses and medication training for those illnesses are offered for adults, adolescents and senior citizens. Classes for working with people with dementia have proven useful for many assisted living facilities. Training to work with people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder is frequently taken by groups employed at mental health facilities.

Other trainings that are beneficial to many companies have to do with behavior in the workplace and improving relations with coworkers. Most organizations can use some guidance when it comes to meeting and setting goals for employees and communication in general.

The nurse consultants can benefit many situations that are found in the medical and caregiving community. Your employees can learn how to best interact with each other and patients with whom they are in contact.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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