Why You Need a Des Moines Roofing Contractor if Your Gutters Are Clogged


Whether or not you have trees on your property, you’re likely to end up with clogged gutters at some point. While clogged gutters may seem like an innocent-enough problem – after all, most people’s gutters become clogged at some point or another – leaving your gutters clogged could result in the need for a visit from a roofing contractor in Des Moines. Here are a couple of reasons why clogged gutters could cause more problems than you realize.

Roof Damage

The main problem with clogged gutters isn’t so much the debris that is causing the clog. Instead, the bigger issue is the moisture that this debris retains after any type of precipitation. Unless there is an exceptionally long period with no precipitation, the debris in your gutters will retain moisture, holding it up against the plywood sheathing on your roof. Over time, the plywood will absorb the moisture, leading to issues with rotting and deformation that will require the assistance of a roofing contractor in Des Moines.

Gutter Damage

By leaving debris in your gutters for long periods, your gutters suffer just as much as your roof. The extra weight that the wet debris adds to your gutters can weaken the gutter straps, ultimately leading to failure. Plus, the protective finish on your gutters will begin to wear away, leading to rust issues that could cause nasty stains on your gutters, roof, or exterior walls. If you have any of these issues with your gutters, you may need a roofing contractor to assist you with the replacement of these crucial water diversion devices.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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