Why You May Need A Drug Lawyer In Muhlenberg PA


There are many different types of drug charges you might be facing. Some of these charges include distribution, conspiracy, manufacturing and/or possession, and they can be considered misdemeanor, felony or in extreme cases even a federal felony. If you are facing any of these types of charges you will want to hire a drug lawyer in Muhlenberg to be sure you have your rights protected and you are going to want to do this as quickly as possible to ensure your best possible case outcome.

The majority of drug related arrests are drug possession. There are two different types of possession charges: physical and constructive. If you are found with drugs in your hands or your clothing then the charges against you will most likely include physical possession which can carry steep penalties if found guilty. Constructive possession charges are when the drugs are found in an area such as your car. This is where a drug defense lawyer in Muhlenberg PA will definitely be able to benefit you. A lawyer will be able to argue that just because the drugs were found in your vehicle does not mean they are yours.

State and federal laws have banned any manufacturing of illegal substances across the entire country. Meth Labs and growing marijuana are the two most common manufactured drugs that people are arrested for in today’s day and age. Meth labs have become such a problem in recent years that pharmacies have had to enforce more restrictions on many over the counter medications that contain the ingredients used to manufacture Methamphetamines. If you are facing any manufacturing charges you will definitely want to find a drug lawyer in Muhlenberg who has experience with these particular types of charges.

Due to the many dangers that are coming from manufacturing of Meth, if you are caught with this type of drug you are looking at a more severe punishment. The consequences of being found with Meth will depend on the state you live in and how much you are found with. Hiring a good drug lawyer in Muhlenberg will be able to help on getting the most reduced sentence you can get.

While conspiracy is the charge found most often in federal court, these cases usually consist of very large amounts of the illegal substance and more than one individual involved as well. These charges are usually a result of someone acquiring large amounts of an illegal substance with the plan to distribute them.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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