Why Is Rehabilitation Important?


A serious injury or illness often require acute rehabilitation, while subacute programs typically only require a few hours of therapy per day or week. For this reason, many people wonder why subacute rehabilitation is so important. The body can heal itself with the aid of prescription drugs and pain killers, so why bother with rehab? Let’s talk about the reasons why rehab is important.


An injury makes the body work a little differently. There is no longer the freedom of movement that the patient once enjoyed. Rehab is difficult, but some of that freedom returns with each session. For someone returning to a sport or physical work, the importance of rehabilitation means range of movement.


The emotional facets of injury and rehabilitation are many. The frustration of limited movement, working through rehab to restore function, the sense of accomplishment when you succeed, and returning to work or sports with your body fully operational, will all affect your social and personal outlook. Rehabilitation can help to return emotional stability.

The Future

Subacute rehabilitation teaches patients how the injury occurred, the effect it had on the body, and how physical therapy can help to repair the problem. Patients will learn to recognize the circumstances in which their injury occurred, and work to avoid further injury – and if they are injured again, they will know which exercises to do to return the body to full function.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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