Why installing skylights are great for your home


Homeowners generally don’t consider installing skylights, or roof lights, when planning to upgrade their homes. Some might even consider it unnecessary when the suggestion comes their way, thinking that having conventional windows are enough for letting sunlight into the house. However, there are certain benefits to installing skylights or roof lights that conventional windows do not offer. A skylight is like a glazed window which fits into the roof, and it can either be domed or flat, or you could have it fixed or vented. Read below why you might want to consult professional roofers for more information about installing skylights.

Efficient natural light

Unlike ordinary windows in a wall, skylights allow incoming light to be spread more evenly inside the rooms of a house or building. This means more light, and a brighter room. Consequently, this also reduces the need to turn on more lights inside the room, which means less electricity consumption. It will also cut costs on energy bills because the place will heat up more evenly and quickly than sunlight coming through windows. If you choose to have vented, rather than fixed, skylights installed, the former lets excess moisture in bathrooms and kitchens escape more efficiently. Fixed skylights cannot be opened liked vented ones. The latter also come in handy during summer, as excess heat inside a house or building can be let out easily.

Installation options

When you want to upgrade your home, and you are wondering about installing skylights, ask roofing suppliers in Harrow if you live nearby about the advantages and disadvantages of fixed versus vented skylights. Also ask about moisture and leakage, though modern skylights are manufactured in way that offers perfect moisture control. Skylights are relatively inexpensive, but you would have to factor in the costs pertaining to labor, paint, drywall, lumber, and an array of related materials.

Vented vs. fixed skylights

Roofing suppliers in Harrow would tell you that the two major problems with skylights with regard to leakage are that leaks occur when the skylight was not properly installed, or that rain comes into the house because a vented skylight was left open. Today skylights are made to be leak-proof, and some vented skylights left open can be programmed to close automatically when the first drops of rain begin to fall.

It’s important to let professionals install skylights to prevent, or reduce, leakage. It might be a good idea to have these put in when doing your next roof upgrade. Aside from the benefits already mentioned, skylights also lend a more aesthetic appeal to any home. Moreover, rooms that are filled with bright, natural light automatically enhance the mood of those in it.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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