Why Hiring A Disability Attorney In Federal Way Will Assist You In Navigating The Social Security Administration System

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Lawyers

Are you unable to work due to an injury or illness and you have been denied social security disability? It is hard enough worrying about how you are going to manage to pay all the other bills, feeding your family, and add to that the medical bills that you will accumulate due to your injury or illness. You need someone on your side to assist you in navigating the system to get the benefits you deserve. To do this you need to contact a disability attorney in Federal Way.

One of the first things you will need to do is meet with the Disability attorney so they can gather information about your case. The attorney, similar to Todd R. Renda, Attorney At Law in Federal Way, will need to know what your condition is, what kind of symptoms you have and if you are under a Doctor’s care. They will have you fill out forms to bring into the office with a list of doctor appointments you have had, any tests that may have been taken, and any medication you may be on for your condition. They will also need to know if you are still working, can you go back to doing this type of job, or any other type of job. From this paperwork the attorney will be able to fill out the social security disability application.

Once the application has been submitted you will need to continue to go to all your doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments and report them all to your attorney. Also you must give them any change of medication or treatment that happens during this time. You may receive papers from the Social Security Administration requesting more information. You should always contact your attorney’s office before doing so. Most of the time they want you to fill out and send to their office to ensure that it is being done correctly and that they have all the same information that Social Security does.

You may in time receive a letter from the Social Security Administration informing that you have been denied disability. This is a common occurrence and you should not stress over this. Your Disability attorney in Federal Way, will resubmit more information to try and get you approved. In the end if you have been denied twice your case will go to a hearing before a disability judge who will make the final decision.

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