Why Fluoride Therapy Are Important At Any Age


Topical fluorides treatments help provide additional protection against decay after the teeth have come into your mouth. Fluoride enhances the replacement of minerals lost from your enamel surfaces and helps the process of re-hardening the tooth. If decay is present but still in the enamel layer of the tooth, fluoride can help stop its growth and eliminate the need for a filling. This is important news for all ages! Traditionally it has been thought that only children needed fluoride therapy in Broken Arrow OK but any dentist will tell you that no matter what age a person is, if they have their natural teeth, then they need fluoride!

It is not generally recommended for children under the age of two years have their teeth brushed with fluoride toothpaste, but any person over the age two should use fluoride enhanced toothpaste regularly. Your dentist can examine your teeth and tell you if you need additional fluoride treatments or not. There are several reasons an adult would need additional fluoride. Such as if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions that make your mouth excessively dry. Many common medications, such as blood pressure medications, decrease saliva flow and increase the risk for dental decay because saliva helps neutralize the acids in the mouth and washes away food particles that cause bacteria. Saliva contains many minerals including fluoride that help keep teeth decay-free. Do you have receding gums or have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease? As your gums recede more of the teeth are exposed making the root surface of your teeth much softer and thus more susceptible to cavities along the gum line.

Have you needed any teeth filled in the past year? Decay is started by bacteria. And your dentist will tell you that if you have had tooth decay in the past year you are at risk for more decay because if your teeth are not protected with proper fluoride level, then they are more susceptible. Do you have any crowned teeth and or dental bridgework? Teeth that have crowns are not immune to cavities because the edge where the crown meets the natural tooth structure can provide a hiding place for decay-causing bacteria. Do you wear braces or any type of fixed retainer? These dental appliances can make it difficult to reach all areas of your teeth when you brush making it easy to not have all the food and plaque removed. These conditions make it necessary to be sure you have sufficient fluoride therapy in Broken Arrow OK.

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your dentist will tell you that you are in a higher risk group to develop tooth decay and gum disease and may need a professional fluoride treatment to help prevent these from happening. Simple preventative fluoride therapy is easy to have done at any of your dental appointments, and could be of great benefit to your oral health and to keeping a beautiful smile. Contact us set up your dental appointment.

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