Why California Residents May Want to Learn About PET Scan Costs

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Medical professionals may recommend that their clients have a PET scan performed to diagnose a medical issue. Three-dimensional images can be created after the scan. They can be used to create images of various organs and tissues in the body.

One situation where a person may want to learn about cardiac PET scan cost in California and its benefits is after a heart attack. The scan can show the extent of the damage that was done. It can allow a cardiologist to evaluate the situation and recommend a treatment course.

Cardiologists may recommend a PET scan if they feel a surgical procedure would be right for their patients. For example, a cardiologist may feel that angioplasty would be appropriate to open clogged arteries if a patient is dealing with this issue.

Finding out about cardiac PET scan costs in California would be beneficial for someone who is concerned about heart disease. They may have high-risk factors. It can also be used to monitor a heart condition and allow a doctor to know if treatment needs to be adjusted.

During a PET scan, the dye is injected into the patient. The PET scan machine will pick up the radioactive tracers inside the dye to create 3-D images. With this test, exposure to radiation is minimal. For most individuals, it poses no risk. However, it is not appropriate for pregnant women or women who are breast-feeding.

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