Why an Office Lease in Newnan, GA is a Good Idea

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Business

Do you work from your home or are you interested in moving to a more convenient, cost-effective work space or office? Businesses like Greison Storage Mart can assist you in finding the perfect place if you are looking for an Office Lease in Newnan, GA.

While considering an Office Lease in Newnan, GA, keep this in mind. Having a physical location set up for your business helps potential clients see you as professional and stable. You are likely to obtain more clients with a physical office location, rather than your home address, printed on your business cards. You want your business to seem well-established. Furthermore, working from an office helps you to separate your work life from your home life, which can leave you feeling motivated, more so than if you were sitting in a home office. Having a private work space helps to keep you focused since there are not as many distractions as there are in your home, which ensures increased productivity. Also, many business owners are not comfortable having clients come to their home for meetings that may be arranged, and clients are not too keen on the idea, either. Having that important meeting with a potential client at your home, rather than in a professional office setting, could be a deal breaker.

Why is it better to lease office space than to purchase office space? First off, a down payment is not required when you are leasing. When leasing, you will have more money left over to invest into your business. Repairs are handled by the property management team, which will also save you money. Imagine purchasing an office and having the air conditioner break, or finding a leak in the roof. To take care of that yourself, you would have to dish out thousands of dollars. Additionally, by leasing an office instead of purchasing one, you have the chance to leave or relocate when your lease is up. If you purchase an office and are not satisfied with the location or the building itself, you are stuck there until you are able to get it back on the market.

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