Why An Air Conditioner In Dallas Can Freeze Up

by | May 30, 2012 | Business

An air conditioner in Dallas will function by circulating cool air around an interior space so that a comfortable climate can be met. Although an air conditioner in Dallas is useful in many ways, there may come a time when the coils freeze up. This is quite a common problem and generally it will be ignored until a repair is required. Ignoring the signs of a freeze within a device can cause the components to erode, meaning you will end up spending money on brand new parts that could have otherwise been repaired. Learning why an air conditioner in Dallas can freeze up and how to identify this will help you to get the appropriate repairs, as and when you need them.

Air Conditioner In Dallas – Reasons For Freezing

There is no easy way to explain why an air conditioner in Dallas is causing you a problem. Basically, a thorough inspection will help you to find the problem and get repair for the air conditioner in Dallas. If you rotate the thermostat to a different temperature and nothing happens, this could be the underlying complication. Alternatively, if fan contacts fail to open and close, this could promote ice build-up. Other reasons may be because of a loose connection, blockages or a broken evaporator fan. If the evaporator fan does not run while the compressor functions, the air conditioner in Dallas will be susceptible to freezing.

Air Conditioner In Dallas – Preventing Ice Build-Up

Maintaining your air conditioner in Dallas will be a good way of avoiding ice build-up before it happens. Regardless of whether the air conditioner in Dallas is malfunctioning because of a defective blower, insufficient air flow, refrigerant charge or the outdoor temperature, an examination will make it clear if any joints or fittings are weak and broken. Because evaporator coils can become covered in dirt, you need to brush them with a soft bristle brush from time to time. Other ways to halt freezes with your air conditioner in Dallas will be to replace dirty filters and fit the correct sized ducts.

Air Conditioner In Dallas – Repairing Leaks & Freezes

If you have failed in your efforts to fix leaks and freezes with your air conditioner in Dallas, you will need to get a more experienced form of help. If you have not cleaned your air conditioner in Dallas for a long time, it is likely that many parts will need changing altogether. Duct cleaning will be a worthwhile service to invest in because lots of debris can gather inside the ducts, from dust and pet hair to hair clips and children’s toys. Hire experts to clean and replace parts on your air conditioner in Dallas if you notice ice build-up.

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