Where to Get Residential Tree Care in Fort Myers, FL


What does a homeowner do when a huge storm passes through their neighborhood downing trees and damaging others? If the homeowner does not own a chain saw or a truck, downed or damaged trees present a huge problem. What if the tree fell on a part of the house and is preventing roof repairs? The best thing to do is call for residential tree care in Fort Myers, FL. Any homeowner who has trees in their yard should have a tree service in their contact list.

Regular Tree Care

Large trees need periodic trimming and, over time, will need removal and replacement. When insects or diseases attack the tree, a tree service can treat it and, hopefully, save it. When storms damage a tree or it is hanging over a neighbor’s property, Residential tree care in Fort Myers FL can trim the tree while leaving it in place. Sometimes a tree needs trimming to keep it healthy or to encourage more fruit production. A tree service can do that.

Logging and Other Tree Services

A tree care company may also offer services such as logging small acreage, clearing a lot for building, removing dangerous trees, thinning an overgrown lot, and offering crane services. These services are needed for new construction, view improvement, clearing for pasture or gardening, and driveway or road building.

It is essential to hire a dependable company that will have the required equipment to do the job right. The company needs to be considerate of the trees that will remain, landscaping, and the neighbor’s property. The same company must be available for storm damage removal and cleanup. The homeowners who already use a tree care service will get service faster after storms and the damage they can cause.

Stump Grinding

One very important aspect of tree removal that can be missed is stump grinding. It does not do much good if the company clearing unwanted trees leaves the stumps sticking up like sore thumbs. Stump grinding requires specialized equipment. The land is all usable after the stumps are ground down below the lot surface. Contact Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding Inc. for a list of services available.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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