When to Use Private jet Charter in Fort Myers FL


Spending hours in an airport getting through security, more hours on an airplane, and still more hours deplaning and waiting for luggage can take up an entire day. This may be fine for the average traveler, but not for the professional or a group that needs to be organized when they reach the destination. A Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL is the perfect solution.

Different Model Jets

Charters can be booked on jets to accommodate the needs of the group. A Phenom 300 jet, for example has a two-thousand-mile range and can seat nine passengers. This works well for a bridal party discussing final touches for the bachelorette party before a destination wedding.

A Legacy 500 has a transatlantic range of three-thousand-miles and can seat ten passengers in a stand-up cabin. Other models are designed with a conference table for meetings or reviewing an important presentation. This allows the business to make the flight a working one.

Save Time

The adage of time is money still rings true in business. Chartering a jet from a company with a private facility saves time at every stage of the flight process. Security is fast and passengers can board minutes before take-off. Food and drinks are served when passengers desire, and there is zero wait time to get luggage after the plane lands.


The minimum requirement for captains and first officers in some companies is at least two-thousand hours of flight time, assuring expertise in the cockpit. Crews are carefully selected for safe operations and exceptional service. In a time when commercial planes are bursting into flames, experiencing major defects, and having landing gear failures, the extra safety measures taken by a Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL are well worth the cost.

Total Expenses

Private jets can save businesses a significant amount of money throughout the year. Add up all the time, hotel stays, and rental cars needed to adjust to the scheduling of commercial flights for business purposes and compare that total to quotes for private flights to get an idea of which option is the more cost-effective. Start by visiting Elitejets.com to get free quotes and details on the new and modern fleet of jets available.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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