When is a plant not a plant

by | Mar 7, 2014 | Shopping

If you ever walked into a hospital waiting room, doctor’s surgery, office, bank or other place of business and seen the wonderfully looking luscious plants around the place, you might have wondered how they manage to stay in such excellent condition. Well, look a little closer and you might hit on the secret—they are artificial. Now you are probably wondering about the last plant you saw in the veterinary office yesterday or the credit union waiting room, where you gave it a passing glance and it looked so real. Well maybe it was real, but maybe just maybe, it was a fake that was so well made that you were fooled by it.

Nowadays, the plastic plants that we used to mock are so expertly made that it is near on impossible to tell the difference from more than three or four feet away. The dirt that the fake plants sit in is also so real that it too can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

As lovely as it is to have real plants gracing your hallway, lounge, office or surgery, they are not always easy to keep or practical to look after. Some of them may be high maintenance and therefore need a lot of care, special food or a regular watering regime. With the plastic version, however, you can pretty much get away with totally ignoring it and just letting it decorate the room just like it is supposed to.

How fake plants are made

Plastic plants are generally made using a molding process. The plastic injected into the mold and then left to set hard. Once the process is finished the mold is opened and the completed plastic plant is removed. It is then set into a pot with the mold gravel and fake soil. If the plant is a flowing plant the flowers can be made from silk and added on after the molding process is finished. This way, the arrangement of artificial flower plants look more authentic because they flower when they are supposed to, or at least flower all year around and look very beautiful. The benefit of keeping these types of plants in your office or business setting is that they are extremely easy to look after because they need absolutely no maintenance except for the odd polish once in a while.

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