When Arrested, Get Bail Assistance in Burleson, Texas


Being arrested and thrown in jail is everyone’s worst nightmare. When a person is arrested, they are put in jail until there is a bail hearing. At this time, bail is set and if the person can pay that money they can leave jail until their trial. Bail is a large amount of money given to the court to guarantee the defendant will show up for their trial. Some crimes are serious enough that bail is not even an option, and sometimes it is an option but people can not afford the amount set and they must sit in jail until their trial.

Bail Bond Companies

No one wants to sit in jail for any longer then they have to. But, the bail asked by the courts can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, a whole industry developed to help people finance their bail bonds. Companies that offer bail assistance in Burleson, Texas pay the bail bond for the defendant and charge a fee. A bail bond company is a way for people who can not raise bail on their own to get out of jail until their trial.

The company Bail Assistance in Burleson, Texas will be called by the person who has been arrested or their family. The company will decide if the potential customer is a good risk. They have the person sign a contract promising to show up for trial and to pay their fee. It is stated in the contract that if the person does not show up for their hearing or trial, the bail bond company can send its agents to find them and take them back to jail.

The Bail Process

It is important to only call a bail bond company for help raising bail if one intends to show up for their hearing or trial. Failure to live up to the bail bond agreement can lead to unpleasant consequences. The additional fees and being hunted down and turned over to the police make the situation worse. The whole bail process is meant to let a person out of jail while waiting for trial so they can hire a lawyer and mount a defense.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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