What You Should Know About Bail Bonding In Winter Haven


In Florida, bail bonds help criminal defendants get out of jail. The bonds are available to any defendant who is eligible for bail. The bail is set during their arraignment, and the defendant can notify their representative after they know the dollar amount. Reviewing details about Bail Bonding in Winter Haven helps defendants get out of jail as quickly as possible.

The Fee for the Bail Bond

The standard rates for bail bonds are between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. A bail bondsman calculates the fee after reviewing the defendant’s file. The defendant’s representative must provide detailed information about the defendant when approaching the bondsman. The bondsman requests any additional information from the criminal court clerk.

Faster Release from Jail

A bail bondsman helps defendants get released from jail faster. Once the fee is paid, the bondsman provides the necessary documents to the court. Once the jail receives the documents, the correctional officers start out-processing. Bail bondsmen have connections with criminal court judges and could help defendants who are arrested over the weekend.

The Terms of Their Release

The terms of the defendant’s release define what conditions could lead to a subsequent arrest. For example, the terms often include travel restrictions, and the defendant cannot drink alcohol or use controlled substances. In domestic violence cases, the defendant isn’t allowed to visit the victim.

Any defendant that violates the terms of their release is arrested, and their bail is revoked. In domestic violence cases, the defendant may face additional criminal charges.

Using Collateral to Secure the Bond

Defendants that violate the terms of their release forfeit collateral. Collateral is used to secure the bail bond. The bail bondsman has the right to seize the property if the defendant doesn’t appear in court.

In Florida, bail bonds are helpful products that assist defendants who cannot afford their bail. The bail bonding agent explains the requirements of obtaining the bond. A representative for the defendant provides important information to the bonding agent and provides the fee. Criminal defendants that need to learn more about Bail Bonding in Winter Haven are encouraged to contact Zona Long Bail Bonds for more details right now.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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