What you Need to Find Out About Ad Agencies, Los Angeles

by | Dec 26, 2012 | Business

Finding the ideal ad agency takes time and a lot of research. Before you come into agreement with any agency in Los Angeles, it is important to conduct some sort of interview with those people you wish to do business with. Below are some important questions you can ask potential ad agencies, Los Angeles prior to hiring any one of them.

1. What kind of advertising needs do you specialize in?: Ad agencies have a variety of roles to play in order to market a product or service. For instance, they can handle the research work, planning, creating and production of the advert if that is what is required. However, if you only need them to work on production, then look for those agencies which specialize in this particular part of advertising.

2. Can you assist in placing our ads on different media like TV, radio, billboard or web banners?: There are some ad agencies which provide media buying services. Working with such agencies is always a good idea since they already know the best places to run your ad and at the right times.

3.  What mode of payment do you accept?: Different ad agencies accept varying modes of payment. There are some which will charge you by the hour especially if the ad runs only once in a day like the newspaper ads. Others will charge you per project meaning that you only pay when they handle a project to completion. You will also come across ad agencies which will combine a number of different projects then allow you to pay for all of them as a single bundle. Get the information so you now what to settle for.

Most ad agencies, Los Angeles will charge a retainer. This is especially in cases whereby the     agency works on all your advertising needs. You can just hire it on retainer for a period of time,     say two years, whereby they will pay up for the planning and buying of ads from different social     outlets.

4. Do you provide other traditional marketing services as well?: If you are not able to reach people using the other platforms, like inbound marketing, due to financial strain, you can make use of traditional marketing. In the event when the business expands, the agency must be able to handle all other marketing platforms.

5. What are your modes of communication?: It is important to select ad agencies, Los Angeles which maintain a reliable mode of communication with their clients. In this information era, agencies must communicate with their clients via email every day. Working with a local agency helps you to monitor the progress since you can always walk to its premises and see how things are being done.

If you intend to interview a number of ad agencies, it is important to ask the right questions. Read to learn what to ask.

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