What You May Not Know About Renters And Home Owners Insurance


A renter doesn’t have some of the risks that homeowners do involving insurance coverage. Being a renter still doesn’t mean you’re without risk . There are things that could happen that involve the outside of the building (home or apartment building owner’s policy covers this) but also the interior where you reside. If anything were to happen to your apartment from a fire to flooding, to a variety of other things, it’s a good idea to have Renters Insurance Lansing MI.

For instance, if a hurricane hits your area, did you know that the insurance provided by the homeowner will only cover the outside damage to the house/apartment? The owner or their insurance provider is not going to want to be responsible for the renters furniture or other personal belongings. This is exactly why you need renters insurance. This insurance fills the gap and gives you the protection you need as well as peace of mind!

In many situations Renters Insurance can really come in handy. Insurance will also help you with relocation, a place to stay while your relocated and things of that nature. It covers both your property and your safety, but some things like this are elective meaning you can opt in or out- you won’t want to opt out of that one! The property may have damage that is so severe the property can not be lived in safely and you may be forced to move.

Some insurance plans include covering living expenses until you get back on your feet or for a specified amount of time. Renters insurance covers the renter in various situations, but not all renters insurance policies and companies work the same. Be very careful to read your agreement and know what is and what is not covered. It could make all the difference in the world!

Your valuables are protected in most types of coverage. If a fire occurs or some other misfortune that isn’t an act of nature, Renters Insurance Lansing MI can help. When this happens a lot of property if not all a renter has can be lost. The insurance company can definitely help and the extent of that help is based on the policy you purchase. As much as we hate to pay for something we don’t even get use out of, the reality is an insurance policy is something you hope you never have to cash in on!

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