What Types of Plumbing Services Does John Flood of Prince Georges, MD Offer?

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Home Improvement

John Flood of Prince Georges, MD is a licensed plumber and the owner of Johncfloodinc.com. If you are in need of a plumber, it is always best to ask any plumber if they offer the services you are looking to have performed. While most plumbers offer similar services to one another, not every plumber will perform every plumbing task. As such, if you are interested in hiring John Flood for a plumbing job, it is important that you find out what services he offers. Here are some of the services that he offers.

Camera Inspection:

There are many reasons why your pipes may need to be inspected with a camera. Inspecting your pipes with a camera allows a plumber to see whether there is a clog in your pipes, whether roots are growing through the pipes, whether the pipes have a crack or whether your pipes are deteriorating and may need to be replaced. Without a camera, a plumber would not be able to see these things, without digging up the area surrounding the pipes.

Pipe Defrosting:

One of the plumbing problems you may experience while living in Maryland is frozen plumbing pipes. Freezing winter temperatures can cause water flowing through the pipes to freeze. When this happens, no other water can flow through the pipes, creating a backlog. A frozen pipe can even cause the pipe to burst. When a pipe is frozen, it is recommended that you call in a plumber to help unfreeze them before they burst or cause a back-up.

Sewer Line Replacement:

As a sewer line ages, it may crack or wear so much that a hole begins to develop. Unfortunately, when this happens, sewage will seep out of the line. If you notice sewage in your yard, you will know you need to have the sewer line replaced. This procedure must be performed by a licensed plumber by law.

The above is a list of some of the most common types of services offered by John Flood of Prince Georges, MD. It is not a complete list. Visit his website to get a more detailed list of services offered, or contact his office to inquire about the services offered and to get an estimate today.

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