What To Look For In Lawn Maintenance Services In New Canaan CT


Maintaining a lawn that stays beautiful all year is a big job and often one that is best left to professionals. By choosing the right lawn care company, homeowners can relax and enjoy their lawn and garden without having to worry about having all the right tools, chemicals, knowledge, and expertise. When choosing a company to provide Lawn Maintenance Services in New Canaan CT, homeowners should consider the following.

What Services Does The Company Provide?

Homeowners should first consider what services they need, and then find out what services their local landscaping companies provide. For example, some landscapers do little more than mowing and leaf-blowing, while others offer a wider range of services including landscape design, planting, and tree care. A lawn service like Pauley Tree and Lawn Care Inc, for example, can help homeowners identify dying trees that are in danger of falling on the property.

What Kinds Of Chemicals Does The Company Use?

Fertilizers and pest control products can help make a lawn beautiful and functional, but chemicals can also be dangerous to humans and pets. When choosing a lawn care service, look for a company that uses organic methods that minimize harm. The best companies offer long-acting organic fertilizers and minimal use of pesticides. They do not spray for any problems the homeowner has not actually experienced.

What Terms Do They Offer Clients?

It’s also important to understand how a company does business before hiring them to provide lawn care. For example, does the company require a year-long contract? If so, what services are included? What is the cost of an additional service call between routine visits? How easy will it be to get out of the contract if the services are not satisfactory? Does the company guarantee their work?

One of the best ways to find high-quality Lawn Maintenance Services in New Canaan CT is to ask the neighbors who have the best-looking lawns. Most people are happy to share their good experiences and tips that have worked well for them. It’s a good idea to research several different companies before making a decision. Before signing a contract, homeowners should get a lawn inspection and a free estimate for a service plan.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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