What to Know About an Estate Planning Attorney in Newnan, GA


Estate planning is the process where you plan for incapacity and ultimately for your passing. Most people meet with an estate planning attorney in Newnan, GA, to make sure that they have a plan in place and keep as much control as possible over what happens. You can choose who gets your property, how they get it, and who should be a guardian for your children.

What They Do

When you go to see an estate planning attorney in Newnan GA, they work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and desires. You can learn more about your options and the laws so that you make the plan that you want for the future. Their goal is to make sure that you have as much control as possible over your future, your assets, and your decisions. Estate planning solutions ensure that you and your family are protected no matter what happens in the future. The best estate planning attorneys are passionate about what they do, and they are responsive and communicate with you.

Plans They Offer

You can choose from several different plans when you meet with an estate planning attorney in Newnan, GA. The Family Plan includes your will, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney, so you will know that you are cared for if anything should happen. It also includes a Kids’ Protection Plan where you specify who you want to raise your kids if the unexpected occurs. This way, your kids will never be taken by the authorities. You can also choose a Trust Plan, which prevents legal battles after you are gone, and you can try the Wealth Plan, where the experts will analyze your assets and plan how they will be transferred. You can find the solutions you need when you visit this type of professional.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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