What To Expect On Your First Medical Marijuana Doctor Visit


Many patients do not know what to expect the first time they visit a medical marijuana doctor in St. Petersburg FL. They are unaware if they should expect more than a confirmation of a qualifying condition, recommendation for card approval, and being sent to a local dispensary.

Expect A Treatment Plan

While the experience will vary from one medical marijuana doctor to the next, it is not unreasonable to expect a certain level of care. The doctor that you visit should be able to come up with a plan for treatment. When you leave their office, you should know the beginning dosage, how the dose will be adjusted over time, and what to expect from the treatment.

A Deeper Understanding of Your Condition

The use of cannabis in St. Petersburg FL to treat certain conditions is different from treatment through conventional medication. A medical marijuana doctor with an integrative or functional medicine background will have a better understanding of cannabis treatment. They are used to treating complex patients with conditions like yours that do not respond to conventional treatments. These patients need a holistic perspective, that is where medical marijuana fits into the plan.

The Next Step

Once you have a medical recommendation for cannabis treatment, you will be able to apply for your medical marijuana card. When you receive approval for the card, you can then visit a licensed dispensary to purchase medical marijuana and get started with your treatment.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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