What to Expect from Flood Damage Restoration in Escondido


Flood Damage Restoration Escondido area will be able to help get things back in order for homeowners after flood waters have receded. Once the threat from a major flood has passed, it leaves behind a mess to clean up. However, it is not as easy as simply cleaning a home. Flooding can cause serious health hazards, so it is important to think safety first before anything else.

In some flooding situations, the water could cause sewage backup, which could cause the spread of bacteria and disease. There also may be toxic chemicals present in the flood water, depending on whether or not factories, landfills, and other such places are in the area. A flooded home can also harbor toxic mold. Anything that has been wet for a few days is at risk for the growth of mold. Before any work begins by a Flood Damage Restoration Escondido company, it is best to remove wet items from the home as soon as possible.

Proper protective gear should be worn before anyone enters a flooded home. This includes gloves and breathing aids. Before the flood restoration contractors arrive, make certain that all utilities are turned off. This must be done in a safe manner. No one should stand in water to access an electrical panel under any circumstances. If the panel cannot be accessed safely, then the utility company should be called to do so. This may delay the restoration process, but is a must to prevent electrocution.

When the company arrives, the contractors will first remove all standing water, so that it will not harbor disease or prevent any more damage to the home. This is accomplished through the use of wet vacuums and drying chemical agents, along with other tools. Fabric will receive special attention, and all clothing will be washed.

For homeowners who have good flood insurance, most possessions will be easily replaced. However, some items such as antiques and family heirlooms are not so easy to replace. Flooding is especially detrimental to cloth items such as quilts and uniforms, to paper books, paintings, and documents, and to wood furniture and leather. A flood restoration company may also have a conservator service, or can recommend one to restore irreplaceable objects.



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