What to Expect From A Masonry Contractor in Suffolk County, NY

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Masonry involves the building of structures bound together by mortar, a paste used to bind construction blocks together and fill the gap between them. It can also be used for building Decks. The blocks may be stones, bricks, and cylinder blocks, as well as many other materials. Mortars are commonly made up of a mixture of sand and a binder such as cement or lime.

In general, masonry is a highly durable form of construction. The durability of the construction mainly depends on the quality of the materials used to construct, pattern in which units are assembled, and quality of the mortar. These items highly affect both the quality and durability of the construction, not forgetting the workmanship which involves the qualifications of those who are constructing.

A Masonry Contractor in Suffolk County, NY typically deals with designing and constructing chimneys for fireplaces, and other such projects. Some contractors specialize in various areas of construction, but most have more than one area of specialization. These areas include: paving which comprises the construction driveway paving, parking lot paving, constructing buildings, compound paving, and recreational paving such as an outdoor basketball or tennis court, which involves the construction and designing of this pavements.

The contractors also build patios which are generally meant for beautifying, walls designed to retain the soil and act as a border, walkways which make beautiful pathways, entrances to premises which provide restrictions to un-authorized people, pools, and many more.

Contractors will assist in the designing buildings in modern and more logical designs. They also manage the construction which assists in managing resources in and out of the construction site. This allows the project to be completed in time with minimal or no waste of resources, reducing the cost.

When one is looking for a masonry contractor, there are a number of factors that one should consider. This includes the financial stability of the company which is to determine whether the company has the ability to handle the contract, or if the company is bankrupt and can go out of business at any time without the completion of the contract. Contracting companies should be licensed in order to prove its standards and quality of constructions.

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