What To Expect From 24 Hour Bail Bond Service In Stuart FL


In Florida, criminal defendants get released from the county jail after bail is set. A judge determines the bail according to the current charge and the defendant’s previous criminal history. Hiring a 24 Hour Bail Bond Service in Stuart FL helps defendants get released when they can’t afford their bail.

What Details are Needed?

The bail bonding agent needs specific details about the criminal defendant. The details include their full name, birthdate, and booking number. The county clerk can provide more information such as the bail amount and the defendant’s exact charge. The bonding agent needs the name of the facility where the defendant is being held also.

Obtaining the Bail Bond

The criminal defendant or their representative pays a small fee to obtain the bail bond. It is between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. The fee is paid via cash, credit card, debit card, or check. Any defendant, who doesn’t have enough money, can use collateral to secure their bail bond.

The types of collateral that are accepted by a bail bonding agent include real estate, jewelry, automobiles, and certain bank accounts. Savings accounts and CDs are popular choices that are alternatives to real property. The criminal defendant or their representative must have a clear title or deed for certain assets. Prove of ownership of any accounts used to secure the bond must be verified by the bail bonding agent.

The Repercussions of Violations

The most common violation is a failure to appear in court. A defendant that doesn’t appear in court faces immediate arrest. The court signs bench warrant, and local law enforcement can arrest the defendant on sight without probable cause. The bail bond is revoked, and any collateral used to secure it is taken.

In Florida, criminal defendants utilize the services of a bail bonding agent after they receive bail. The bond is available at a percentage of the total bail assigned by the judge. The bail bond is secured via cash payments or by providing collateral to the bonding agent. The bonding agent delivers all necessary documents to the county jail. Criminal defendants who need 24 Hour Bail Bond Service in Stuart FL can learn more About Us right now.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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