What To Do If You Detect A Water Leak


It is quite common for there to be a water leak and not even realize it. Most water pipes are hidden from view, they are either running under floors or through the walls of the home. If you believe there is a leak it will require special attention to find them. There are a number of signs that might turn you in the direction of a professional plumber to find the leak and repair it.

Soft ground around the house: When it is not raining and you are not watering the garden the ground outside of your home should be dry. If you walk around your property and find areas which are sift and moist this usually indicates that there is a plumbing leak in the area. This soft, damp ground is almost always an indicator of a broken water line which is allowing water to run directly into the soil. This has to be attended too as soon as possible otherwise you will spend good money for no reason on lost water, you are providing a home for mosquitoes to breed and if left long enough can erode the soil around the foundations which can cause damage to the structure.

Extremely high water bill: The wise homeowner keeps a close eye on recurring monthly expenses such as water. If all of a sudden your water bill spikes you most certainly have a broken water line somewhere. If this happens, call a Escondido CA plumber right away because the water bill is one thing, the damage that can be caused may be far worse.

Water meter: If you think there is a water leak somewhere in your home you can make a quick check. Turn off everything in the house that consumes water, everything. After an hour or so have a look at the water meter, if the meter needle is rotating then there is a leak somewhere. This problem is something that only a professional plumber in Escondido CA will be able to track down.

Musty smell: if you detect a musty odor in your home then there is a water leak somewhere. Mold is a real problem when it gets in a home, the spores move on the air, having a negative impact on anyone with allergies as well as beginning a new mold colony wherever there is a little source of moisture.

Any of these indications of a leak somewhere in your home should be taken seriously as the cost of neglect can be quite high.

In cases where you believe there is a water leak somewhere but you cannot find it the solution is to call a professional Escondido CA plumber. You are invited to contact Hanna Plumbing and Supply Inc.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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