What to do if you are suffering from woodworm

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Wood is one of the most important and common materials used to construct buildings, and also one of the most widely presents materials in furniture within a home or business. This is because it is a highly flexible material that is perfect for a number of purposes, and also something relatively cheap which still has an adequate level of strength to perform its function effectively. However, it is unfortunately susceptible to infestations of woodworm which can cause it to drastically deteriorate in strength and slowly crumble away. Woodworm is the common name given to the variety of beetle larvae that eat away at wood, and can be quite a common problem all around the world. Woodworm in Weston Super-Mare thrive in environments with a high level of moisture, so it is highly recommended that you take steps to prevent moisture from entering into your wood. However, if you do find that it is too late and you are already suffering from a significant woodworm infestation, then it is absolutely vital that you seek immediate professional help. If woodworm infestations are left to grow then serious problems can occur, which can include a partial or complete structural collapse as supporting beams of wood fall away. Continue reading below to learn what to do if you find out that you are already suffering from a woodworm infestation.

Immediately call for a professional to perform an inspection

Although there are some telling and obvious signs that your wood has been infested, including a multiple number of small holes appearing, the only way you can be completely sure is to arrange for a company specialising in treating woodworm in Weston Super-Mare. There are many companies out there that have an expertise in dealing with woodworm infestations, and will utilise a variety of techniques to remove the infested areas of your word and replace it to so that it can continue performing its function.

Take steps to prevent it from reoccurring

You can also ask a professional service to treat your wood so that it is stronger and more protected from future infestations. This includes treating it so that it is protected from moisture, as woodworm infestations thrive on moist environments.

Woodworm can be a devastating effect on your home if not treated properly – Brunel Preservation are experts in dealing with woodworm in Weston Super-Mare.


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