What to Ask Your Painter in University Place WA Before They Begin the Job

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

To ensure you receive the results you want when employing a painting company, it is important to ask detailed questions and insist on thorough answers. Here are some questions to ask your painter before they ever pick up a brush:

Where Are You Located?

Depending on where your painting company typically operates, they may have local experience that will lend expertise to the job they are able to do for you. Redmond, WA area house painting company Tracy’s Quality Painting, Inc offers familiarity with the landscapes and construction trends of the area, giving their paint jobs a professional touch that non-local companies can’t match.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

When you’re trusting your home improvement to an outside entity, it’s important to know that your hired professional will be able to compensate for any accidental damages or mistakes. Ensuring that your painter is licensed to practiced professionally and adequately insured will protect you, your home and your wallet from these potentially costly issues.

Can You Show Me Your Previous Work?

It’s always a smart idea to look through the previous works of the artist who will be involved in the renovation of your home. Ask in particular for examples of recent and local paint jobs, and compare these to what you have in mind for your home. Never hesitate to ask about other paint jobs, and whether you can receive comparable services – and pricing – as well.

When and How Do You Accept Payment?

Be sure to inquire as to whether your house painter in University Place WA accepts payment upfront or after work is completed, and if they offer any kind of money-back guarantee of satisfaction with services. This will protect you from potential disappointment with the job, as well as help you make sure you have the money in place when the bill for services comes due.

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