What Makes a Good Sales Leadership Training Program


Effective sales leadership development training can effectively make or break a company’s position in the market. Regardless of whether your business is stationed in Chicago or elsewhere, you will need this. The first step in organizing an effective training program is to identify the primary candidates. An organization may wish to cultivate a sales team member whose performance is lagging, someone new to leadership who could benefit from additional training, an established, leading sales professional who has yet to develop their true potential, or really any sales team member you will develop into a true leader.

One aspect of successful training is ensuring the upcoming leaders thoroughly understand how to foster an environment of open communication and accountability. A sales leader should be able to set measurable goals and expectations, make them clear, and ensure employees are accountable for meeting them. Likewise, understanding client needs though data analysis and meticulous organizational analysis should be integral to the training.

Sales strategy and planning are another vital component of sales leadership development training. Effective sales leaders will understand the target customers and market segments. He or she must also have a detailed knowledge of the competition and the competition’s strategy. A sales leader should know how to draw up simple, measurable sales plans and to use data to effectively refine them.

A good sales leader will know how to motivate his or her team while also holding them accountable. He or she will set realistically high goals and coach the sales team members on how to reach them. A sales manager will intervene strategically, providing lagging team members with feedback on their performance, or reassign them as necessary.

Finally, sales leaders need to be adept at hiring and pipeline management. They must be trained on how to choose people who best fit a job description according to a consistent rubric. A sales leader in today’s environment, it almost goes without saying, needs to be trained extensively on the proper use of CRM software, especially analytics.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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