What is the Difference between Hard Side and Soft Side Waterbeds?


For whatever reason, it is harder than it has ever been in contemporary culture to get a good night’s sleep. Not only do a large number of people suffer from insomnia due to difficulty getting comfortable enough in bed to sleep, but various pains, aches and syndromes also have an impact. As a solution to the dilemma of not being able to get enough restful sleep, many Texans are turning to the next generation of soft side waterbeds. Houston, TX retailers report that more people than ever before are discovering the best sleep they have ever experienced in their lives on attractive, “adjustable” waterbeds.

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The difference between older, conventional hard side waterbeds and contemporary soft side waterbeds available in Houston, TX cannot be over-emphasized. A hard side bed usually consists of a large wood frame that is anchored on the edges and connected to a firm decking on the floor, and it is incredibly heavy. The sandbox mattress design hosts a huge mattress that is filled with water. Many people complain that the hard side beds, particularly older versions, are too bulky and heavy, take up too much space and are hard to move if necessary. Most landlords will not allow renters to have these in their bedrooms because of the risk of leakage and water damage. Moreover, it’s hard to make the hard side waterbed, as well as get in and out of, which can be an issue the older you get. If you want to move, you almost have to hire professionals in order to budge them, much more get them out the door.

The alternative is innovative and contemporary soft side waterbeds. Houston, TX retailers are increasingly having trouble keeping these in stock as being able to get a full night of restful, stress-free sleep becomes more popular. Foam edging is used to support soft side waterbeds rather than wood frames. Although it is not recommended to deceive property owners from whom you rent, soft side waterbeds in Houston, TX look just like traditional box springs and mattress set-ups. No one would know it is a water bed just by looking at it.

The hard side bed is obviously called thusly because of its hard, hardwood sides, while the soft-side bed’s foam edges, and lightweight frame, lend it its name. Not only is it easier to accommodate the soft side model, but it is easy to make, get into, and move as well. A variety of sizes and flow are available as well. For people suffering from sleeplessness and its associated aches and pains, these are healthy alternatives to hard mattresses or other types of adjustable foam mattresses.

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