What is Low Dose CT Riverhead NY?

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Radiology

CT imaging is one of the most precise diagnostic imaging tools available. This particular type of test can provide doctors with the necessary diagnostic and staging tools needed when treating certain types cancer. About everyone has heard of CT imaging, but what does it mean when a doctor says Low Dose CT?

Low Dose CT means imaging that decreases the radiation exposure for patients that undergo routine CT scans. Many diagnostic imaging centers are now offering patients the Low Dose CT scan.

The Low Dose CT Riverhead NY can be performed on some of the CT imaging systems and providers are now keeping up by providing state-of-the-art equipment to perform testing on their patients.

Most patients probably don’t even consider the dose of radiation received when having a CT scan done. Some patients may not realize there is a certain risk related to being exposed to radiation in large doses. This is something that doctors should explain to their patients when making the decision that Low Dose CT is the best option for them.

Low Dose CT scan in general will allow each patient to receive at least 60% less exposure to radiation versus the exposure from the typical CT scan. That is one of the most important benefits of choosing the Low Dose CT over a typical scan. Although there is less radiation exposure, the quality of imaging produced is not impaired.

Even though a CT scan doesn’t produce a huge risk in radiation exposure, it is agreed that limiting exposure to radiation during your life is important. Professional radiologic teams are doing what they can to use their diagnostic imaging tools in an efficient manner but also allowing their patients to be protected.

The Low Dose CT scan is a much better option for patients that have to undergo repeat scans. This can apply to many patients, especially for those that are constantly being monitored for progressive diseases that are being treated. CT scans are one of the best ways to monitor disease progression and treatment effectiveness.

As with any procedure, if you have questions or concerns, always address those with your doctor at North Fork Radiology. Having the answers you need enables you to better understand the purpose for tests or medical procedures ordered for you.

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