What Is in Your Tires? A Guide to the Various Parts and Pieces


A modern tire’s construction shows just how far technology and engineering have come in the past several decades. Tires near Orland Park are no longer simple rubber donuts filled with air. Instead, they are full of advanced technology and materials.


A tire’s tread is its outermost layer, or the textured rubber part you can see. The tread’s pattern depends on the kind of tires you buy and what they’re used for doing.


Beneath a tire’s tread are its belts. In most cases, tire belts are made of steel. A belt’s main purpose is to offer strength and stability to the tire’s tread so that it will last longer and handle better.

Body Plies

One of a tire’s most crucial parts, its body ply, is beneath the belts. A body ply is usually a polyester sheet topped with rubber. Body plies help tires near Orland Park hold their shape and bear weight.


On either side of a tire, you’ll see a part known as the bead, which is a combination of rubber and wire materials. The bead is the connection between the rim and the tire. It makes a seal that prevents air from leaking.

Inner Liner

The inner liner is a tire’s innermost layer. It has an important job; it keeps the air inside the tire. The liner is made of non-permeable materials so that it can do its job correctly.


On the outer sides of the tire, you’ll find sidewalls. These are made of rubber compounds in varying degrees of stiffness, which protect the tires from external damage.

Over time, tire components have been improved for greater longevity and performance. Where the bias-ply tires of the 1970s barely lasted 20,000 miles, today’s advanced tires near Orland Park last up to 100,000 miles.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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