What is Assisted Living in Retirement Homes Putnam?


As the U.S. population gets older, the question of how and where individuals will be cared for becomes an urgent question. As a response to those questions, more seniors and their families are turning to “assisted living” facilities. The term “assisted living” came about in 1990’s. It designates facilities that offer services midway between independent living and a full nursing care facility. One such facility is found among Retirement Homes Putnam – The Country House.

Many individuals who are not ill, or who do not need the assistance of full-time nursing supervision will often select assisted living facilities as their preferred housing mode. These residents are reasonably independent in the activities of daily living. This means that typically they will be able to dress themselves and feed themselves with minimal assistance. In addition, they are able to ambulate, but may require assistance from a walker or cane. They will typically need assistance in managing their medications and outside visits to medical facilites, as well.

In a typical assisted living facility, the resident will have his or her own bedroom, and sometimes apartment. They will usually eat meals that are prepared in a central kitchen and taken in a communal dining room. Special dietary needs are taken into account and prepared accordingly. Because maintaining mobility is critical at this stage of life, there are often daily exercise program provided that are appropriate to a resident’s physical condition.

No less important is a resident’s mental health. As dementia and Alzheimer’s takes its toll on an individual, maintaining cognitive status for as long as possible through mental stimulation and exercises becomes critical. To this end, occupational and physical therapists will be employed by the better facilities to help maintain a resident’s faculties for as long as possible.

Because social interaction is a basic human need, and crucial to a resident’s overall well-being, communal activities occur on a daily basis -; whether through meals or through special activities such as games, movies or crafts. To assist with the spritual needs of residents, religious services are also often held at the site of the assisted living facility, as well.

If you or a loved are beginning to consider assisted living for someone in your family, one facility that might be considered is The Country House, Retirement Homes Putnam, NY. (http://www.countryhouseretirement.com)

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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