What Features to Consider When Looking for a Student Apartment?


Are you looking for apartments for rent near Sacramento State University? Have you listed the features you are looking for like the number of rooms you want to have? Are you going to live alone or with classmates from your hometown?

If you are not sure yet on what to look for, here are some features that you should look for when scouting for apartments for rent near Sacramento State University.

Distance from the University

You are going to rent an apartment because you want to be near your school. You want to avoid commuting or driving as much as you can. Find an apartment that is within walking distance from your university.


Security is not just about having a security guard on your apartment gate. It also includes CCTV installed around the apartment and the vicinity such as pool area, lounge, and pavilions.

If you are renting an apartment in a gated community, they should have standard security measures to ensure that people who are coming in and out of the community are residents or valid resident guests.

Services and Amenities

Have you heard of a community that offers shuttle service to their student renters? There are communities that offer shuttle services, fitness center within the community, volleyball and basketball courts, and even business center. If you have everything that you need in your community, then the only reason for you to go out is when you have to go to school.

Are you looking for apartments for rent near Sacramento State University that comes with great features like those mentioned above? Visit Lark Sacramento or check their website.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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