What Does the Therapy Mean In Root Canal Therapy And Do You Need It?


Your mouth hurts. There’s no way to sit or lie down that eases the pain. You need a dentist. You scroll online until you find a New York root canal therapy dentist near you. While you’re setting the appointment, you’re wondering what therapy has to do with a root canal. We’re glad you asked.

What Causes the Need for A Root Canal?

Teeth can become infected and inflamed in the root of the tooth. This is the part of the tooth growing into the gum. Abscesses sometimes accompany the inflammation and infection. An abscess is a fluid-filled sac that forms just off the root of the tooth.

What Happens During A Root Canal?

An endodontic professional deals with root canals, although it’s true that most dentists perform New York root canal therapy. The tooth is removed. Inside the root is pulp. The root is cleaned of all infection and then double-checked to ensure that there is no further infection remaining. Gutta-percha is placed into the root to prevent future infection. The root is sealed and replaced with a crown.

Where Does Therapy Enter the Picture?

It usually takes two visits for a root canal. The first visit is to have the procedure done. In the second visit, the dentist checks that the material is preventing further infection and inflammation. He or she checks to discover if oral bacteria are causing trouble for the root canal. This is where the therapy comes in. If the root canal didn’t “take,” then the endodontist will repair the root canal.

Dental pain is nothing to brush off, because it can affect the whole body and cause other health issues. When holistic dentists handle your dental needs, they treat not just the tooth, but the whole body.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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