What Are The Tasks Of A Beautician?


A beautician can be addressed by a number of job descriptions; cosmetologist, hair dresser and hair stylist are all perfectly acceptable. This individual is trained in enhancing ones appearance by cutting, styling and coloring hair as well as performing other cosmetic services. Beauty schools in Sacramento train their students in hair care, facials, makeup, hair removal and nails. To perform these services, the beautician must be licensed by the state licensing board; the board will study the educational attainments of the applicant and decide which services he or she can perform.

Many people first and foremost associate beauticians with hair care services which are normally thought of as cutting and styling. Although this is by far the largest demand on a beautician, they also have the necessary skills to curl, straighten; apply hot wax and coloring. Many hair stylists go on to learn additional skills that add to their portfolio of services such as weaving, extensions and African braids. In most US jurisdictions it is against the law to perform these services for money if you are not licensed.

In addition to hair care, a beautician often performs other services, often depending on the license and the scope of services he or she can legally perform. Cosmetologists can, in many cases work with a client in selecting and applying makeup and do complete facials. In some spa settings the beautician may be called upon to remove unwanted body hair, this is often done by waxing or plucking but if the beautician holds the necessary license, laser hair removal and hair removal by electrolysis can also be done. A beautician may also be licensed to give a non-therapeutic massage as well as nail care.

A beautician starts his or her career after successfully completing a course of studies in beauty schools in Sacramento. These courses usually last about nine months and end up upon graduation with the student applying for a license to operate. The training that the cosmetologist undergoes is a combination of theory and practical training in the school lab. During the early stages of training the students work on mannequins, then graduate to working on other students and eventually offering their services to the public who are looking for beauty care at a discounted price.

Those who wish to pursue a career in cosmetology should select the best beauty schools in Sacramento for their training. You are invited to discuss the future with the people at Paul Mitchell the school Sacramento.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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