What Are the Common Causes of Elbow Pain in the Mt. Pleasant, SC Area?

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Pain Management

What are the common causes of elbow pain? Suppose this is a question that you think about often when living in the South Carolina Low country. In that case, you might need to visit regenerative medicine Mt. Pleasant, SC specialists to get answers and an official diagnosis.

Elbow Pain Symptoms

Elbow pain has many potential symptoms, and you might notice a dull ache when you’re at rest or soreness around the bump of the impacted elbow. Pain, when you make a fist, is known as a golfer’s elbow, and pain when you open your fingers is called tennis elbow. Weak grip, pain, or difficulties when you try to grasp objects can also indicate elbow pain, mainly if these things happen when your arm is stretched out.

Elbow Pain External Causes

Lack of flexibility or strength in forearm and shoulder muscles can result in elbow pain, and repetitive movements or moving heavy loads with your hands and arms might also result in this. Poor technique used during sports can overly strain your elbow joining, and golf and tennis are two common culprits. Improper sporting equipment might also be to blame, such as a tennis racquet that’s too heavy or using the wrong size of grip on a golf club or tennis racket.

Medical Causes

Sports and overuse injuries frequently cause elbow pain, but certain medical conditions might result in it, too. Avulsion or bone fractures and ligament sprains might be complications. Nerve entrapment and referred pain are also possible sources. What Are the Common Causes of Elbow Pain If you’re looking for Regenerative Medicine Mt. Pleasant, SC to find out common causes of elbow pain, then visit the website of QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) to see how they can help?

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