What Are Rhinestone Custom Transfers


Rhinestone custom transfers are designs made from placing rhinestones in a pattern with variations in color and placement, these designs are then placed on a backing that allows for the transfer to other materials by means of heat. Rhinestone designs can be very complex or very simple and are usually very distinctive in their look. You can find many different kinds of rhinestone custom transfers either online or at your local craft store.

To put rhinestone custom transfers onto your clothing or other items it is usually recommended that you use a heat press; however, in most cases an iron will work equally well. After you have laid out the item that you want to put the transfer onto and made sure that it is flat; you will want to peel the protective backing off of your transfer to expose the sticky backing. You will then position the transfer onto your item and carefully press down so that the sticky backing will hold. Make sure that your iron is hot and that it is set to no steam. You will then want to find a thin protective layer to go over the transfer such as a pillow case, t-shirt, or thin blanket. You will want to apply medium pressure to the transfer in up and down motions. If you rub the iron back and forth then you run the risk of displacing the rhinestones from your design. You will want to use a hard and flat surface such as a table instead of an ironing board. If you have a piece of non-stick material or even cardboard to put between the layers of your item, for instance in between the front and back of a t-shirt, then you can be better assured that your layers will not stick together from the transfer adhesive.

Once you have pressed down with heat on each part of your transfer, being careful not to rub your iron back and forth on the design, and allowed your transfer to cool it is time to carefully peel the top protective layer off of the transfer. If, at any time while you are peeling the protective layer off of the top of your transfer, any of the rhinestones peel off with the layer you will want to replace the layer and press the design with heat again as described above. To care for your rhinestone custom transfers garment you will want to wash it inside out on a gentle cycle.

Rhinestone custom transfers can help you personalize almost any item of clothing and some accessories to fit your style or your occasion. For more details visit Dakota Collectibles.

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