What are Dental Implants

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Dentist

If you suffer from peiodontal disease or if you have lost teeth due to being injured, then you may benefit from dental implants in Manassas. A dental implant is available in two different forms, subperiosteal, which is when the implant is placed on top of the jaw bone and held in place with metal. The other is endosteal where the implant is surgically place in the jawbone. In order to obtain dental implants you should have good health both physical and oral. Additionally, you should not be missing significant portions of your jaw bone.

There are many benefits to getting dental implants. The first is the emotional benefits. Many times people with missing teeth are uncomfortable around others and tend to stay to themselves because they fear what others will say about their appearance. With dental implants you will be able to go out in and not be afraid to smile. You will no longer have people take a second look at you because you are missing teeth.

The second benefit it nutritional. With full set of teeth you will be able to properly chew you food, which will aid in proper digestion. Many people with missing teeth find themselves having to eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes because they are unable to chew more tough food like meats.

Finally the last benefit is that dental implants don’t decay like a normal tooth would. Therefore you would not have to worry about getting cavities or other conditions that cause the breakdown of enamel on your teeth. Although you won’t have to worry about tooth decay, you will still have to brush you implants regularly and visit your dentist regularly to ensure that you have have healthy gums and teeth.

Even though dental implaint may be a great option for you, if you have missing teeth you should be aware that most insurance plants don’t cover the cost so you should be prepared to pay the costs in full associated with getting the implants. Therefore, if you are looking to brighten your smile with dental implants in Manassas as contact a qualified dentist to assist you today.

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