Weight Management and its Impact on Joint Pain Relief in Madison, WI

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Pain Management

When handling joint pain, one of the main factors that medics consider is the patient’s weight. Though this is only one factor, it plays a huge role in the health of your body and bones amidst other issues. So how important is maintaining a healthy weight in managing joint pain, and why?

When seeking joint pain relief in Madison, WI, your physician will most likely ask you to watch your weight. The first reason is that excessive weight gain adds significant pressure to your joints, causing pain. Your bones have a specific range of weight they can carry depending on your height and bone strength. Therefore, if you exceed that limit, your joints will struggle to move the muscle and extra fat.

Obesity and being overweight also cause the joints to swell, making the area rigid. The result of this is increased friction which is very painful when moving. Therefore, one opts to reduce their movement and eventually gains more weight, resulting in immobility. You can begin your journey of joint pain relief in Madison, WI, by cutting down your weight to ease the burden on your muscles and bones.

Even with diseases like Arthritis, your physician can help you discover more in this area. You can ask them how important is maintaining a healthy weight in managing joint pain and why. They will take you through the details and help you know how much you may need to lose for a healthier life.

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